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Style matters...

Hi I'm Michael Ferrazzano,  
I have this vivid memory of seeing my Mom & Dad working in the custom exhibit industry. They would build these masave trade show works of art. I still can remember the smell of the 100,000 sqft production shop, that seemed like it took me all day to walk to the other side and back, seeing the craftsmen taking all these different materials, and creating things I have never seen before. The greatest part was when we got to go to the event and really see everything set on site.
When I entered the workforce, working with family was just not on my path. I was interested in the next thing to hit the tradeshow industry, portable pop up exhibits. I started working with Nomadic Displays, running there warehouse, then to there Production Dept, since portables are more visual with photos and graphics, I started to teach myself all of the Adobe programs.
 After Nomadic I started working in the art department at Photobition, were they were full digital printing, and I knew this is what i wanted to learn and master. At Photobition I became the North American Production manager of their Trade Show Division.
In 2005 I went to my dad and asked him what do you think about me starting my own thing, he said I know you can do it and then gave me a small loan to buy my first Large Format HP printer, so I took the leap, to build DragonFly Imaging LLC. 
Today We are DragonFly Redi Imaging a digital imaging graphic company &  DragonFly Custom Event productions were I merged my two favorite things together to give our clients a one stop shop for all there needs
Your ideas come to life, In today’s economy, making your business stand out is more important than ever. The competition is fierce in the world of events. The look of your design speaks very loudly to the customer’s of today’s market. 
This is where we come in. We can take care of your project from conception to production and installation.

We provide in-house production for a large range of products and services.



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